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The countdown begins. October 16, 2011

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I just bought a lot of cheese. Good cheese. From Whole Foods. And I plan to enjoy every bit of it. I have no desire to go through a huge refrigerator throw out of really good food. So I plan to eat it this week. And savor it. So I will be officially start the 30 Day Vegan challenge on October 23, which gives me full Thanksgiving choices by the holiday- unless I plan to continue my vegan life. Hmm.

In preparation for the big challenge, I have been pinning many vegan recipes on Pinterest- quite possibly the BEST THING EVER (if you have time to waste-which consequently with Sam being in Phoenix on his clinical IS the case at times). I also am finding alot of great recipes on fellow blogger Angela’s blog, ¬†www.ohsheglows.com. She’s got many amazing vegan recipes.

TIme for SNL, hopefully it’s funny tonight. Then gotta get to bed. Big Party in Pink Zumbathon tomorrow!


Hello world! October 9, 2011

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My name is Kim and I am a Theater Educator and Group Fitness Instructor. I absolutely love being a teacher and love the process of learning. I believe that a true teacher not only educates, but inspires and motivates their students to excel in many ways. Therefore it is my responsibility to be the best, happiest, and healthiest version of me. At 31, I will be my health journey through various challenges- my first one- Go Vegan for 30 days. For the butter, sugar, flour lover- this will be hard.Kim